We have developed a new microarray preparation method using new special photo-reactive polymers. The microarray chips have covalently immobilized biopolymers, virus components, or cells and also provide high S/N ratio because of suppressing nonspecific protein adsorption on non-immobilized regions. In addition, we have developed an instrument that can automatically assay the interactions of molecules with the microarray-immobilized ones.

 The world’s first compact microarray measurement platform was realized as DropScreen® which is commercially available from Nippon Chemiphar Co., Ltd. in Japan. The allergy detection kit is approved as an in vitro diagnostic and covered by Japanese Medical Insurance.


Microarray for COVID-19 antibody detection

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Microarray for allergy diagnosis (specific IgE for allergen)

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Microarray for infection history

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Microarray for auto-immune diseases diagnosis

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Microarray of cells for antibody typing

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